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Ah, the nitty gritty of any designer's site - the portfolio gallery of samples.


Yes, I have one. Dozens of projects, hundreds of samples, only a few revealed here.


But, do I have what YOU want?


Well, first, you need to know WHAT you want. If you do (or even if you don't) check out the gallery links on the left to see if my past experience lends itself to a future communicating your vision.


Just remember that you need to invest in a designer who has the potential to build your communications and marketing future, so if you don't see something exact here, that's okay. Some of my past experience includes proprietary information I may not show on this site.


This is just a sample of the wide variety of things I have done, which means I have the capacity to branch out, pick up diverse ideas, and create something new. Just let us know.





Hornall Anderson, Starbucks, HR Giger, guerrilla/urban art, travel, conceptual art, free-speech, empowerment, science fiction, mystery fiction, mahjongg, Starbucks mochas, overachievers, cats.